Policies & Code of Ethics

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I will facilitate and maintain honest professional relations with employers, customers, clients, co-workers, contractors, vendors, and other business associates and will act in a manner that is congruent with a high level of integrity and character.

I will not knowingly engage in illegal accounting practices, tax evasion, fraud, un-ethical activities, or other illegal activities.

I will honor my role as a business manager by recognizing that I am a leader. I know that I set an example for others and that I must adhere to a high level of professional and ethical standards.

I will do my best to perform my duties effectively and with honor.

I will act in a manner of integrity when practicing my professional duties and exemplify such values within my profession and my industry.

I will endeavor to treat others with respect and professionalism.

I will endeavor to maintain a high level of security regarding any sensitive information that belongs to my organization. I will not knowingly violate privacy polices and will not share such information for personal gain.

Policies and General Statements


Privacy Policy

NABMP does not share, divulge, or sell personal and or professional information of its candidates or membership. NABMP will not release such information unless said individual(s) authorize such in writing or the NABMP is presented with a valid subpoena issued by a government authority.

Furthermore, associates, employees, and or the governing body of the NABMP maintain confidentiality of all pertinent information, especially that of personal information of its members, certificate holders, and contractors.


NABMP does not condone harassment of its employees, membership, contractors, or any third party doing business in relation with NABMP. Harassment may be grounds for revocation of membership, certifications, and or employment.

Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

NABMP does not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, sexual preference, gender, age, nationality, or physical disability.
Membership, certification(s), and or training modules are open to any candidates that meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Payment Policy

NABMP reserves the right to hold services and or retain the processing of applications or training modules until any payments clear their issuing financial institution. Fees are subject to change.

Replacement of Certificates

Should you request a replacement CBMP certificate; a service fee of $50 will be charged.


NABMP does not guarantee that all candidates will qualify and or receive CBMP credentials. Applicants must meet the basic requirements to qualify and final candidate assessment remains with the board of regents and or its designated representative(s).